Bodybuilding season is here! 🏆

It’s time to practice your posing early and make sure you’re ready for stage. I’ve worked with lots of clients who feel the following before stepping on stage. Is this you too?
💪 Unsure how to pose in relation to your division and federation.
💪 Want to impress the judges with your physique, but your posing lets you down.
💪 Lack of confidence when you step on stage .
I hear you. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a newbie gearing up for your first show, mastering the art of posing is a game changer that can make a difference to your placing.
Don’t let your physique down by leaving this fundamental asset last-minute. Learn to pose like a pro and showcase your hard work through online posing sessions and 1-2-1 posing.
Now is the perfect time to start fine tuning your posing technique and flow. Remember, judges evaluate more than your physique, they’ll be assessing your ability to display it effectively and this is portrayed through your posing.
As a multi-champion competitive bodybuilder, I want to share with you my insider secrets and tips with you. These will revolutionise not only your posing, but your physique and how you present it!
Start off by dipping your toes in with a FREE 15-minute consultation call with me – get an analysis and overview to see what your sticking points are and what areas you need to improve on.
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